Here we create an integrated solution “NOVELFOOD” (DE-RISKING AND DOSSIER SUBMISSION TO REGULATORY AGENCIES) for our cellbased Caviar.

While the work is largely the same for different applications, low dose selection for toxicology studies and saftey dosing should be tailored to the first product versions planned to be tested in a laboratory setting. The deveped workpackage, covers all the necessary activities to progress one cellbased product to regulatory submission.

The objective is to enable safe and rapid entry into first time in human volunteer studies, conducted by our consortium partners.

The plan provides a solid foundation for the overall development of our cellbased food products, excludes  the necessities  of invivo animal studies while balancing development cost, risks and timelines.

The plan includes  the use of human and animal Organoid  models in order to understand and simulate  the kinetic and dynamic behavior of all products in the human organism.

Early Organoid chip outline for safety and efficacy testing 

Our first novel food de-risking project is the development and de-risking of our new-cellbased food product called MAGICCAVIAR™️. Whereas we will act as an CRO -contracted research organization and CDMO -contracted development and manufacturing organization for a cellular agriculture biotech spinoff named MAGICCAVIAR.

The project aims to license our patented stemcell merger technology in order to produce CULTIVATED BELUGA CAVIAR - from cruelty free harvested biopsies of the highly endangered Huso huso sturgeon.