IMAGE 1.: Textile/Nanofiber/Textile (S/NF/S) in between 2 composite layers structure (detached for demonstration purposes) for the usage as mask or filter material 


The project addresses the shortcomings of existing materials and PPE clothes and apparel in the fight against viral contaminations such as SARS-CoV-2 and other microbes.

Most PPE used today are based on meltblown Polypropylene fibers, sandwiched between spunbond nonwoven layers. Their effectiveness at filtering small airborne particles relies on electrostatic surface charges, which attract and capture these particles from the air as it passes through the filter. This electrostatic filtering effect only works when the mask is dry and quickly wears off during use, as humidity in the breath eliminates the electrostatic charge. It is for this reason that spunbond/meltspun/spunbond (SMS) filters are not suitable for extended wear and should be replaced every 4 hours.

Our approach is different. An extremely thin layer of nanofibers, with diameters more than ten times smaller than conventional meltblown fibers, provides highly effective filtration for small airborne particles with no reduction in efficiency over time. The larger surface area and smaller pore size within the THEBIO.TECH POLYMER ® by PROVEIL™️  materials maximizes the likelihood of the particles being stopped by the fibers without relying on electrostatic attraction. Hence we add our active antimicrobial biopolymer to render microbes ineffective. THEBIO.TECHPOLYMER ® by PROVEIL™️  fabrics are even designed to allow washing and sterilization, so can be used all day, cleaned and then worn again.


• Nanofiber filtration layer with pore size more than10 times smaller than conventional materials, sandwiched between protective layers of fabrics of choice (fabric/nanofiber/fabric).

• Effectively captures respirable airborne particles including viruses whilst maintaining good breathability for wearer comfort.

• Filtration performance does not degrade over time or when exposed to humidity.

• Designed to allow washing and steam sterilization.

• THEBIO.TECH POLYMER ® by PROVEIL™️  filter material is extremely thin and lightweight and yet can be safely used for days instead of hours, without loss in performance.

  • Available in rolls for face masks, respirators, replaceable filter inserts, and PPE apparel.
  • Active antimicrobial coating as additional protective mechanism inhibits microbial contamination (optional).


Textile/Nanofiber/Textile (S/NF/S) composite layer structure that can be used in high filtration efficiency applications as filter material for face masks and respirators or for replaceable filter inserts. Material is manufactured under ISO 9001 & 13485.

All material tests were performed according to the EN149 by the AITEX institute, Spain

Attributes & Properties

Color White

Basis Weight 61 grams / m2

Thickness 0.35 mm

Efficiency 1.65 % penetration (0.3 µm paraffin oil at 95 l/min)

Breathing resistance (test area 53 cm2) without antimicrobial biopolymer coating*

Inhalation at 30 l/min 0.60 mbar

Inhalation at 95 l/min 2.98 mbar

Exhalation at 160 l/min 5.82 mbar

* Breathing resistance decreases with increasing filter area, and thickness of the antimicrobial biopolymer coating.

Recommended filter area in the final product is >90 cm2 to meet FFP2 requirements. Roll Format (large scale)

Inside Core Diameter 76 mm

Roll Diameter 250 mm

Roll Length 246 m

Roll Width 480 mm (460 mm usable area due to ultrasonic edge-bonding of 1 cm on each side)

Packaging PE bag, 1 roll / bag

Roll Labeling Information Product name: PROVEIL™️ THEBIO.TECH 5.0

Minimum order quantity 4,520 m2 (40 rolls, 1 pallet)

IMAGE 2-4.: Textile/Nanofiber/Textile (S/NF/S) embedded  in between 2 composite layers structure for the usage as mask or filter material. Composite material can be exchanged with every textile material required by clients.